Dr. Zeitlin is a board certified Naturopathic Physician who is licensed in both Connecticut and Washington State. He is the medical director of 5 Elements Naturopathic Health Center, LLC and the former medical director of Achieving Wellness. He is a regular contributor to Delicious Living and Living Well magazines and the immediate past secretary of the Connecticut Naturopathic Association.

Dr. Zeitlin is a graduate of both Florida State University where he was trained in Psycho-biology and Anthropology and of Bastyr University where he earned several distinctions. After graduation from Naturopathic Medical School, Dr. Zeitlin obtained and finished a one-year residency in orthopedics and physical medicine. During his medical training, Dr. Zeitlin did several advanced externships in cardiology. Using this knowledge he was able to obtain a position as adjunct professor of Cardiology at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine.

His enjoyment of teaching was further engaged through Neurology and Pathology teaching positions at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy. CCMT is one of the nation’s most renowned Massage Therapy Schools. Although he has recently taken a hiatus from his teaching responsibilities to further focus on clinical practice and family life, he feels education of his patients is his primary calling.

Dr. Zeitlin believes that finding the true cause of a patient’s illness is the purpose behind his practice. Teaching them how to obtain and maintain their health is the highest ideal of a Naturopathic Physician.