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Skin Nutrition Lecture – Heal from the Inside Out

Spring Newsletter

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My Elimination Diet Experience

After years of unresolved stomach issues, I finally decided enough was enough. I was gaining weight, bloated, and had an intimate relationship with the bathroom even though I thought I had already eliminated the foods that bothered me and was doing all I could to feel better. Unfortunately, what I was doing wasn’t enough. Dr. Zeitlin and I decided that an elimination diet was necessary because I was tired of not feeling well every day and pretending that everything was ok. I decided I needed to give this elimination diet 100% because it was my last shot at feeling better. I knew going in it wouldn’t be easy. There were times I wanted to quit but I thought about the progress I was making and didn’t want all my hard work to be for nothing. If I didn’t give the elimination diet my all, it wouldn’t be worth trying. The only way I would know if the diet worked was to give it my all and to not cheat.  

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Manuka Honey – History and Medicinal Uses

Winter Newsletter

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Keith Zeitlin, N.D.

Dr. Zeitlin is a board certified Naturopathic Physician who is licensed in both Connecticut and Washington State. He is the medical director of 5 Elements Naturopathic Health Center, LLC and the former medical director of Achieving Wellness. He is a regular contributor to Delicious Living and Living Well magazines and the immediate past secretary of the Connecticut Naturopathic Association.

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Lindsay Ronshagen, N.D.


Dr. Ronshagen is a licensed naturopathic physician. She graduated from the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, Oregon prior to returning to her home state of Connecticut. She completed a teaching residency at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine and continues to contribute to the program as an adjunct faculty member. She is currently practicing in Wallingford, CT at 5-Elements Naturopathic Health Center and is honored to collaborate with such a fantastic healthcare team.

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Cookie Donation

Gluten Free? Dairy Free? Egg Free?st-nicholas-gingerbread-lebkuchen-4-1318459-639x958

On a low sugar diet? Trying to loose weight?

Just got too many cookies this holiday season?

Bring Us Your Cookies!

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