After years of unresolved stomach issues, I finally decided enough was enough. I was gaining weight, bloated, and had an intimate relationship with the bathroom even though I thought I had already eliminated the foods that bothered me and was doing all I could to feel better. Unfortunately, what I was doing wasn’t enough. Dr. Zeitlin and I decided that an elimination diet was necessary because I was tired of not feeling well every day and pretending that everything was ok. I decided I needed to give this elimination diet 100% because it was my last shot at feeling better. I knew going in it wouldn’t be easy. There were times I wanted to quit but I thought about the progress I was making and didn’t want all my hard work to be for nothing. If I didn’t give the elimination diet my all, it wouldn’t be worth trying. The only way I would know if the diet worked was to give it my all and to not cheat.  

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